With an increasing number of equity sponsors including family offices, industry holdings, and institutional funds seeking to invest in a limited number of small and mid-market corporations both parties face fundamental challenges:

Corporations have the choice and must think who is the best partner able support the future company development and aligned to the vision of their stakeholders.

Equity sponsors suffer from inferior returns in competitive biddings, unless they understand to position themselves as best partner to the corporations / stakeholders and are prepared to actively support the value creation during their holding period.

Based on their 20 year transaction track record, industry network and hands-on restructuring expertise Acquarium Partners act as specialized co-investor actively supporting the identification and conversion of value creation potentials. Our engagement may include activities as member of the advisory board or the management team (e.g. Chief Restructuring Officer). We closely work together with all stakeholders including customers, employees and other financing partners and are committed to create sustainable businesses along the industry logic.